Sunday, December 21, 2008

Painting a Day THE EXPERT

Duane Keiser is the ULTIMATE in painting a day!

Click above to view his latest oil paintings!

I have been painting...not EVERY day but wow what a GREAT challenge to do to get your creativity in motion!
Even if you do NOT meet your goal, it surely gets your creative juices flowing!

I got up the other night at 3:00 am and went down to the paint room...
blasted my tunes (the "big kids" are spending the holiday with their dad so I get full rule of the "creative space" with little complaint).

I cranked out two more and then slipped into bed as the sun was rising.

What a GREAT feeling!

I include the last of the painting a day's for Allison...
as tomorrow we take our little pumpkin, Ann Kathryn to
the world of Disney in Orlando...
for a fancy holiday "before her holiday"
which will begin on Dec. 26 when we pick up her sisters and brother
to begin our OWN Christmas EVE...

The sister's birthday too!
so Christmas here will last here all the rest of the year!

But the painting will end...maybe, unless I get a chance to do some
brushwork in South Florida, pool-side :)

Water Series continues....
Water glass
Swimmers (may have seen before, one of those I "worked on more")
The wine bottle and glass on abstract

And the painting I did of my sister for her birthday
(party TODAY) at my house so LET ME GET GOING HERE!

It came from a dream....

See you in 2009, as we embark on a new venture!

Crestline Seafood Company
HAPPYMESS ice cream
and a space in Crestline to showcase my artwork!
and watch for a booksigning for Birmingham Sketchbook in Homewood in February.

Paintings still at Wildflower Wax as well, so if you need a last minute gift..
grab one of their candles...they are amazing!



Thursday, December 11, 2008

Show this weekend

We are expecting SNOW tonight....
what a GREAT treat here right before Christmas!

I have been painting MADLY!

Here are two more special treats for you to view in the Painting a Day Series
for December! It has really been a great "TRICK" to play on myself.

I hope to see you at the art show in Homewood this weekend. It should be pretty Sat. and Sunday.

The second painting is a custom painting in the "girlfriends" series. She supplied a photo of them in New York.

Custom work still available in time for Christmas.
Just email at Chetti7 with questions.

Home paintings
City scape
Angel paintings with "hair color/style" specifications
Pet Portraits
Travel collage (will be after the holidays- you supply mementos)
Special Holiday Pricing:
Canvas with staples on back (wrapped sides- regular depth)
16X20- 175
24X36- 350
36X48 490
Gallery wrap 24X36- 595.

Blessings and may Santa bring you all your CREATIVE WISHES!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Ok, it is harder than it seems...
but I still persevere!

well, as my artist's friends point they look at me with dismay
when I tell them,
I decided to do a painting a day in December...


And ok, today is the I need 9 paintings to meet the overall "quota".


Here are 3 more....
actually the angel was just "tweaked"
so that makes 6?

but it is EARLY in the DAY! :)
(ok for you CPA types like my husband...
no I am NOT painting every day..
did you not see the blog about the cookie parties?
But doesn't painting with icing count?
oh, and the is STILL coming along between paintings I add
dots or stripes here and there....

These will be at the show this weekend!
Hope you can come!


I wrote earlier about HOME...I have such great memories of my home in Livingston...
roller skating in the house (my baby rides her bicycle in our house), riding our bikes for miles, building forts, playing outside on the trampoline until we had to come in because it was dark.

I love our street...there are always kids squealing up and down the block...on our trampoline, in the they rip-stick...we skateboarded.

And yesterday, my 12 year old daughter gave me the most awesome compliment.
She said, THANK YOU.

"Thank you mom for being one of those cookie moms (cookie that you eat...not KOOKIE, like coo-coo~ although she'd often like to call me that).

Monday she had her friends over for a cookie party. I wrote them an email and said, "hope you aren't too cool now...". They weren't and had a blast.

I have had this group over for about three years to study God's word after school. I listened to them talk about boys...correcting each other's "thoughts" about boys...
and I realized, "YES! THEY ARE STILL KIDS!"

I almost cry at how blessed I have been to have my children planted here on a rock.

No place is perfect...and challenges lie in EVERY COMMUNITY. But as I told them, Chad and I will be the ones in the back row of the movie theater clearing our throats and "expelling someone" if we see them do ANYTHING out of character becoming of a young lady who deserves to be respected. They sorta giggled and Shelton was appalled at the thought (she is waiting til college to "date"....she can "court"....:))

They can resist, but hopefully someday in the back of their mind, when they are in a questionable situation, they will remember their parent's comments, and then have some backup with "Mr. Chad will GET you!"

They have such huge hearts and again we plan to collect items for our favorite family the Gardners. (read in previous article-or in Southern Beauty Magazine~ have 14 children~ most adopted and special needs children)

I am so blessed that I can be home at 3, hear them come blaring in the door, backpacks and giggles...and watch them race to the stove for cookies....

These days will be gone way too soon...
as Brent begins to drive in a year....

And we don't have them here this year for Christmas..
they travel to the beach to celebrate Hanukah and Christmas with their dad's family.

So often we are so eager to "get them back to school".
Nurture EVERY minute!

You can bet on Dec. 26 we will be CRANKIN UP THE COOKIE FACTORY and starting Christmas all over again!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008




My sweet friends, Jennifer and Dave Rankin
are opening on 2916 Linden Avenue in Homewood

Friday, Dec. 12th 10-9pm
Saturday, Dec. 13th 10-9
Sunday December 14th 12-5

They attend Church of the Highlands and their candles are

They have been shopping at market and have some fun things in
soap and body products, jewelry, purses, clothing, home decor, baby items,
and gifts for all ages.

I hope you will come by to check it out!

I will be there on Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday from 1-4
Sunday 2-4

Small, medium and large paintings.

Can't wait to see you!

205-249-8280 is the phone number there.

Songwriting/ Play Production On the Horizon

Click on the bar at the bottom for YouTUBE Video of Brent's newest songs.

We will be recording this month,
a CD for him, one with he and his sister, Shelton singing Christmas Music
and some of my own originals....not all on the same CD :)

We also are looking forward to putting together a Christian collection of songs
written last semester at our house by our Songwriter's Group (in January)
and the songs will be performed in May in conjunction with a new play that
we wrote this semester through Church of the Highlands SMALL GROUPS that will incorporate singing, dance, and a play that teaches teens about making the right choices in life.
We can't wait to share it all with you!


Slide Show

Allison Puccetti Adams

Click on the photo to go to all photos in this blog!

Fun Paintings



Home/ A Place to Nurture your Soul

This morning I woke up with legs across me. It is cold above the covers but I am warm and snuggled against a figure in my bed. But the feet that wiggle beside me are not those of my husband. They are my daughter’s. She is almost three and sleeping in my bed.

This week I took all of the toys and things I trip on during my midnight trips to the bathroom and arranged them in her big girl room, yet still she lies spread sideways across the middle of our king sized domain.

It is not entirely her fault. Since birth, I have enjoyed having her near, perhaps for the convenience of not having to treck to the other end of the house to investigate strange wimpers heard over the monitor.

I breast fed all three of my children. My oldest son, now fifteen, was the one I fed the longest, which lasted six months as a result of my “first time mother” enthusiasm. My oldest daughter, who is eleven, I breast fed for three months. She stayed in my bed until she was five! And this one who lies peacefully across me, I fed for a month, with much effort, as my private time was greatly limited.

The first two were with my former husband who truthfully could have cared less whether we had kids, dogs or wild ponies lying between us. But I am forty-two now, and this is doing absolutely nothing for my love life, which happens to be in full swing with my husband of almost four years.

So I ponder the question, in order to entice my daughter, “What is it that makes a child love their room?”

I visited my own childhood room this weekend. My mom has lived in the same home since birth. The paint changes frequently, but home is the same, for her and for me as I return.

She has re-designed my room, removed the lime green shag of the seventies and placed the contents of my old high school bulletin board that covered one full wall in my room neatly into a hat box or two.

But the closets I played in remain exactly the same. The “secret attic corridor” to my sister’s room that was a haven for hide and seek is filled with my old records, every piece of fabric I have had in a room since college, and boxes of old photos. Even clay creations made at girl scout camp are here.

My office, oh, the office, is exactly as I left it. A cedar closet was where I put a file cabinet and a door across the top to create an official desk. In the drawers I found alphabetized folders of mailers from the center tear-out from another Southern magazine I would write to as a child to request travel information. I loved getting the mail and tearing in to see flyers and letters addressed to me begging me to visit places like Gatlinburg, Rock City or the Grand Old Opry, if only I could drive.

This place was a shrine, with trophies and old love letters, diaries, and my mom had even left old books that belonged to my dad when he taught English, before he left us. She must have realized how much this place meant to me. It is almost as I left it, except that on the floor are baskets and boxes of toys, legos and shiny cars for my children and my sister’s four that are under the age of 9.

The bedroom seemed bigger then. As I sat on the floor, surrounded by garbage bags of things that I was finally able to let go of, I realized just how rare it was for me to be able to actually step back in time.

It was even rarer, that I could pick up the phone and dial the exact same number that I dialed when I was eleven, over thirty years ago to reach my best friend’s grandmother, my aunt, the mom of my best friend who learned to ride a bike with me or even my old babysitter, who actually isn’t old, but only ten years older than me!

With the average person moving every …years, most people can not re-visit their old home, not to mention, walk in and have it just as it was. We all want to re-visit our past, if not for nostalgia, as a way to be able to move past something we’ve tucked away in the corners of our minds.

Even old photographs, boxes of treasures, or old letters can help satisfy this yearning we all have as human beings. There is something in us that searches for a sense of place. And when we dig deep within our souls, we find that every thread of our being begins to be woven when we are young.

So yesterday when I returned home, I vowed to make more effort, for myself, as well as for my daughter, to help make her room a place that is “hers”. We arranged doll furniture, set up a corner for her little kitchen, laid out some puzzles and fluffed her “princess” bed.

Yet still, this morning I woke up to a child who wandered my direction in the night. For now I have to say, I enjoy her snuggles, for the two older ones are almost past the point of snuggling. And I hope that someday she will either visit or remember her room as a place that she cherished, a place that nurtured her creativity, that gave her a place to rest her body, a place to feed her spirit, and most of all, a place that nurtured her soul.

Allison Puccetti Adams @2008

Friday, December 5, 2008


I absolutely LOVE Christmas...
it is my FAVORITE time of year...
Christmas music has been playing through the house since Nov. 1...
the first year Chad and I married, it was on October 31 that we decorated...

(Halloween would be the LEAST favorite)

I share some decoration ideas...
from the living room...

But even a Charlie Brown Christmas tree (which is what we had the first year we moved here....because all of my LIFE was in storage)
or any decoration looks great with cookie dough and sprinkles being scattered beside's all about the smell...and a mix of cinnamon, cloves and vanilla on the stove is just as good.

We put ornaments on that tree with paper chains listing what my daughter, son and I were thankful for...including the ONE bathroom apartment we used to be in that made us appreciate "not standing in line" for the toilet...HA

But I must say LAST year we had a tree that went floor to ceiling in our two story space....we had to trim the top...took so much testosterone from the neighborhood...
I felt like Tim whatever his name was here from Home Improvement...
chain saws were blaring..and when we cut the net...limbs spread across the room like my old favorite movie..Christmas Vacation...
The kids did acrobatics from the rails to decorate the top..
I'll add a copy of that photo...

I pray that this Christmas has special meaning for you and your family.

I know it does for us, even though the kids go to their dad's this Christmas..
we are NEVER deterred...we just begin Christmas on Dec. 26...



Ok, there are some people who might look like they are defeated
(I have been known to be one of these)
and then OUT OF THE BLUE...they round the corner...
So I present to you..
PAINTING NO. 3 AND 4 of the PAINTING A DAY challenge I have given to myself.
So, on December 5 (began the second)....I am at 4 paintings...and CAUGHT UP!

I began the TUSCAN PATH painting a few weeks ago, with my Creative Call group
click on the link below for Highland Artists to see that website if you need inspiration ~

We all meet at my house every Wednesday to share tips, techniques...
read about THEM on the blog...
they have shown me the true value of friendship.

Then the angels...
AHHHHHHH, I am back to a place, with angels.
in 2007 I wrote a book about angels, illustrated by Donna Jones.
It is in a vault as I now understand why the Christian stores didn't take the book..
it was a creative "worldly look" at Angels on Earth....
we all have ideas of heaven, God and earth...
some more quirky than others..
but the truth is, Jesus is the ONLY way.
I know that now and pray every day for protection from God's angels against
the darkness of this world.
My prayer is that everyone will come to know HIS love....

Look for more angels on E-bay...I have sold out...
so today, as I add 2 more due to my "challenge" I am MOVING FORWARD...

but let me tell you...staying in my PJ's by a fire all day yesterday,
having cookies baking for my babies after school was


Painting a Day

So the goal has been to do a painting a DECEMBER,
based on inspiration from an innovative artist who said he would paint 365 paintings in a year...
and he proclaimed that he he only did about 350 (don't quote me on the number...but get the idea)

And as an artist....

This week has been SO funny as I keep in my mind,
that EACH day I will be working on a painting...

so I include the above two, that I must admit, I had started earlier and not finished, earlier in the year and now they are FINISHED.

(Actually the one with flowers in the girl's hair I began as a sketch for my sweet husband after we went to France...sorta like the one I started for him of poppies in still lies on the floor...almost complete, a collage of tickets and maps from places we have been together...I just kept adding things to looking for THAT one too on this "painting a day" journey.

The other is one on paper of an angel.

Maybe, as artists, we only need BIG deadlines to meet the smaller ones we seem to drop to the side.

The great thing is...
instead of leaving things unfinished, I am completing works "started"...
to me already a success, as it is now December the 5th...
and I came up with this idea on the 2nd....

So as an ENTJ...I feel pretty sure that I will have 25 (I said til Christmas in my original proclamation!) finished paintings....some might be finished just before my art show next week. I can no longer promise the PAINTING A DAY THOUGH, as I started painting a BIRDHOUSE yesterday for my painting of that day...
and I have a frame in line next....

So whatever goal you set for yourself, DON'T get locked into "what if I fail",
plan to succeed and if you fall short, you may just have done 350 paintings in a year!:) or a birdhouse or two!

Blessings this Christmas for CREATIVITY galore!


Monday, December 1, 2008

A Photo Says a Thousand Words

A Photo says a thousand words...
but it also gets the mind of a creative person FLOWING!

I ran across this site and had to share it on my blog..

some of the most interesting photography I have seen in quite some time!

Hope the holidays find you creating memories with your loved ones...
and that this week brings CREATIVITY to you ARTISTS!


Click here if the link above does not work to go to the site

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TRAIN to New Orleans

This morning I woke up before my alarm. Lying with a warm glow of rising sun tapping at my frosty window, I heard the faint whistle of the Crescent, which usually goes unnoticed as she meanders through our city to make her way from New York to New Orleans as she has every day since….

Not long ago, I was on this train, at about this time, my children fast asleep at home, as they are right now in the bed beside me, oblivious to the activity that goes on down along the tracks.

Here it is quiet in the Tiny Kingdom. I grew up along the tracks and as my husband and I took a recent trip (our first together by train to New Orleans), we passed right across the tracks of Livingston where I, as a child, used to play. Without my mom’s knowledge of our whereabouts, my friends and I would place dull pennies beneath the nose of that great machine.

We’d slouch in bushes until she had snaked, rattled and rolled across each of them, spewing them out into the sharp, grey, oil soaked gravel, where the now open inner copper filling would reflect a sharp brown ray until we were able to come from cover to gather them.

My children have seen the train, maybe once, with disinterest, as we exited the Whistle Stop CafĂ© after a good after church meal in Irondale. Too eager to return home to an unfinished game of Runescape, they’d hurry us along as we tried to wait until she was ready to pull out of the station.

As I write, I look at a large black and white photo of a train on my study wall taken in 1911. It is black, dull, nothing like the Crescent, but a workhorse, owned by my great grandfather as he pioneered the transporting of deer and turkey into the state of Alabama and was the first to practice timber conservation. Black men cling proudly to the great machine, being careful to sit very still as the camera captures their images forever. Huge virgin timber lies stacked neatly behind on cars that disappear off the edge of the page.

I know, or at least suspect, that my children would have barely survived in those days. No air conditioning, no automobiles, even ice was a luxury.

And then all along the tracks, as I sat perched in my seat, with enough leg room to lay my Doberman and one of his friends, out the window I see homes not much more modern than those in the old pictures of my great grandfather’s lumber town.

Old black men sit on the porches, full of old trinkets, furniture and tires are strewn across the back lawn that is separated from me only by a line of trees and metal fence. In their eyes, as they watch the train, there is a similar disinterest to that of my children, not a care about the mystery that lies within the great train that rolls by them each day.

Me, I am different. When I see a train, I think of all of the people aboard. Who are they? Where did they come from? Where are they going? There is a story in every booth, on every aisle. In one box sits a hundred or so lives, people left behind, people being joined.

Most of those leaving with my husband and I on that early Thursday were headed to New Orleans to party. Many returned with us on the same 7 am train leaving New Orleans on that Sunday to return six hours later (not much later than it would have taken to drive I65, except that we spent our hours sleeping or dining and hanging out with our new friends from Gadsden in the diner car).

I have always wanted for my children to understand the world, to have their eyes opened and their hearts changed by experiences abroad, through missions trips in Mexico or maybe in Africa, and then right here, as I look into the barren living rooms of so many who were unable to make their way away from the tracks, I realize there is plenty for them to do, right here in our own back yards.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I have added ARTWEAR to my list of things to do.

Check it out!

Monday, October 13, 2008


This morning I went to a website with hundreds of incredible photographs,
of couples and children, weddings, and pets.


to take a tour.

I looked at one that looked so familiar (in Paris at the Louvre) and then another,
a zinnia with a bumble bee on it. It was not mine, but could have been.

I then flipped through more, faces I didn't recognize, but places and pets that could have been in anyone's photo album.

One of a woman of asian descent posing with Mickey Mouse made me think about just how many people venture even to that magical place to stand with Mickey Mouse and say "cheese".

I clicked on the link entitled "SOUTHERN", expecting photos of the Southern US and found photos from South Africa, the South of France. How naive to think that every site should be a reflection of the United States.

This week we learned just how small our world is, and how much we all have in common as our weak dollar trickled across the globe, bringing markets down across the world.

There was a soldier standing in a hotel lobby with a machine gun. How often I have seen that in Europe, but rarely here, except when at our hunting camp, with Frank and his arsenal.

We don't know what the future brings. Will we too have to arm ourselves to survive some depression-era revival of fear and turmoil? Will riots plague as they did in the seventies if food grows short?

Our country is in a time of transition, many of the photos that are posted, of places we all dream to go, are farther in the distance, with higher fuel costs, with necessity being placed higher on our priority lists of things to do.

I have been blessed to have traveled early, and still I have only experienced a fraction of the incredible things to see and do on this planet.

While we may not be able to venture far these days, we can take a visual tour through sites like Picasa, and we can plant our own zinnias and pumpkins and watch them bloom.

This morning I watched more than a dozen redbirds dodging a huge bluejay in my back yard just outside of my studio window.

Maybe with fewer places to go, I will find the time to capture them on canvas...or maybe even just on film.

What little slice of heaven do you have hidden in your backyard? Snap it and send it in, they welcome your photos!

Have a blessed day! Remember the small things, they are the things that matter!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Southern Girls Hunting

I have been asked, "Do Southern Girls Hunt?"
Well certainly, at least ONCE!

My sister once hunted, because her boyfriend broke up with her during Christmas vacation. She was the owner of a hunting camp.... a place where wild deer roam free, taking trees in their whim...

And so, she put on her chamo...put d.o. on as any civilized woman would do...and she zipped up her one=piece camo...and headed to a field...

it was boring..she told me...but she finally saw a tree move...she closed her eyes...she pulled the trigger...and BOOM....that tree feel...

That trophy buck fell (YES this is a TRUE story...) and the boyfriend he later married someone else...

and that was her last day in the a matter of fact..she should have won a boone and crockett award..but she was NOT LICENSED..AS noone believed she would have killed a thing...hers is the deer in center...mine to the the left..God love him, he is never invited back..but as her boyfriend learned....

There is something to be said about a heritage of hunting, farming and fishing.
As the country grows scared, I have no fear for my family.

We can fish, hunt and matter what the curcumstances....
we live in the city, but at the heart, we are country bred and will survive....

All of this will fade away...all that matters is eternal...

and there, we will all rest in peace.


Tonight.....I realized something everyone wishes for their whole lives....

I walked down my steps...on the front of the porch,
originally searching for the moon, which my 3 year old daughter was searching for...

and stood in my yard...

watching a half moon glow to my left beyond the pines...
(for years it was right out my door on the ocean)
my daughter on the front porch, dimly lit with white lights hung
last Christmas, that NOW my mother will approve of (although we have lit them
all year) since it is nearing fall..and season for lighting and festivity...

and I thought...

how perfect my world...
not ostentacious...
not perfect....

but awesome nonetheless.....

I thank Jesus for every blessing..
for my husband who cooks dinner every night out of enjoyment..
for my dog, Sampson...who is such a delight..
and for my children who remind me each day of my purpose...

In an economy that wavers...

I am RICH in the love I have surrounding me..each and every day....

I praise you for recognizing the loves in YOUR life.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

TEENS Driving

This month, my son gets his LEARNER'S PERMIT to DRIVE....

A WILD thought as I AM SO YOUNG :)

I heard this song today, from an Allstate commercial...

I remember my first time to drive, in a blue LTD up and down and up
and down and up and down the driveway at home...age 12?

And then on the REAL ROAD in the "Turkey Torino", a car my neighbor's dad
let us drive AT 13. I had my first wreck, coming home from school
at age 14~

But I had a "small town advantage".

I sometimes wish my children could begin now at 12 and 14, but in the city,
there is WAY too much risk...even as passengers with ME driving.

I look forward to taking them down for some FALL drives at the hunting camp
and letting them experience freedom on the roads that wind through the
backwoods, like I used to have.

For those of you with pre-teens...oh the things we have to look forward to...
and reflect on....hoping they will be MUCH WISER than I.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Creative Call Began this WEEK

Every week, for almost three years now...
I have gotten together with a group of incredibly gifted ARTISTS
at my house...

Together we study God's Word about what it is to be CREATIVE
and on every other week we CREATE.

The website for that can be viewed at HIGHLAND ARTISTS (click here)

We started our fall semester this week with about 15 of us and had
a visitor from FORSTALL's come share class information and get to know us.

He is an incredibly talented graphic artist who also is on a creative journey
after he lost his twin brother and his wife of 40 years.

To hear his story, how he worked in graphic design for so long and now has quit his job and longs to be an ARTIST full-time (which he IS by the way...and a gifted one at that) is an inspiration.

We invite any "aspiring artist" to put aside ANY hesitation if you feel ART is your calling...if God gives you a nudge...DON'T DENY IT...just run with it!

We provide on the site some workshop tips from our meetings where we often have "guest artists" share their tidbits. Enjoy!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This is a season of new beginnings...the fall...a fresh start...

Church of the Highlands is the church we attend...along with now over 10,000 people a weekend. Each week on Sunday we are inspired to walk a better path than we did the week before...

That is all we need to God...learn, grow, and try to steps...

On Wednesdays, we get deeper into the word of God..Pastor Chris has messages that he is spreading across the nation and the world.

Also on Wednesdays, SWITCH takes place upstairs in the church, where now 500 pre-teens and teens burst out in song for the love of their God.

I wanted to include a sample of a couple of these teens who are giving it all for God...their myspace pages are listed...
Alexa is a talented 15 year old who writes her own music..Christian songs that we will no doubt find playing on our radios...
the other...a link to my son, Brent's website...where he too is writing songs and wants to be a praise and worship leader.

I think back to what I was listening to at their age...and I am amazed at the clarity they have at such a young age..and I thank God every day that He has led me...and as a result, my children to THE ROCK.

Click here for:
Alexa Rankin

Brent McCollough


God wants us all to use our gifts and talents for HIS KINGDOM...
Blessings and may Fall bring you in touch with your gifts and talents...

and a winning football team (GO BAMA!) :)

Monday, September 1, 2008


The Gulf Coast has seen quite a bit of activity, and the state of Alabama in the past three weeks with a tropical system sitting on us a few weekends ago.

Weblink to the Gulf coast is available here if you want to take peek.

While I lived on the Gulf Coast for four years, I decided to take it to higher ground and of course, sympathize with those who choose to remain there full time.

I expecially feel for my friends at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo who need funding now more than ever to move the zoo to highter ground...
Another evacuation has taken place.

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I have not written since going to Arizona...
what a hot...yet beautiful place...
we stayed a 112 degree heat..and NO it is NOT a dry heat..
it is HOT...

But we had a blast...
Ann Kathryn went too..

pictures say it all...
Red rocks...Sedona
Grand Canyon...
Route 66...
The Mondrian...
This chapel was on the way to the Grand Canyon..
and we saw the one in Sedona build by Frank Lloyd Wright..
a dream of an artist' after her family members passed...

it was a creatively stimulating trip and a spiritual journey as well...

and another incredible Birthday and Father's day trip....


I have joined the ranks of FACEBOOK... can lose a day on there!
With buttons and gadgets...and chat groups...
I have had to limit the kids to a few hours a day...

We have also taken the liberty of making our home TEEN FRIENDLY..
more for parents than teens...

No more computers in their rooms..
I built a computer station in the den..where I can look over at any time..
and the tv...they have to watch movies in the den...

They are surprisingly ok with all of this, as they are such incredibly spiritual kids...they go to Church of the Highlands...where they are being challenged to be stand for want better values and morals..
They have decided to wait til college to "date"...a wise thing as all you do is practice divorce by breaking up (the only option when dating starting at 10!)

And they want to "hang in groups" and start bible studies at their school, and write praise and worship music...
they tell me the WANT me to know who they talk to (their pastor talked to them about this..about accountability...) and what they do online...they are far more mature than I was at that age..they tell me if they think a movie is too harsh....

And last week they went with us to Hemphill Elementary at West End for a prayer walk to take back our streets from crime and paint the school..the playground...
they loved it....

They read their Bibles daily but are REAL...not "religious".
I am so proud of them all...

they are tonight at the final night of a three day conference...they are ON FIRE...
and such an inspiration to me.

I wish so badly I had been so grounded...perhaps I would not have made so many bad choices and mistakes...

God has incredible things for their lives...I can't wait to watch them unfold...

If you have a pre-teen..I encourage you to arm them with whatever you can to help them combat the worldly views of sex, love, money and power...

there is something to be said for children with humility.
Photos: The girls painting the hallway at the school
A band of warriors praying through the streets in the rain...people ran out to give us umbrellas...asking "what are you marching for?" and we said...
"we are here to pray for your fix up your
school" not once did we get a "why?"...we got "THANK YOU JESUS" FROM MORE THAN ONE MOM AND "THANK YOU...PRAISE GOD" from a local business man...

This area was suggested by the Bham Police Dept. as one of the most needed and highest in crime (we were escorted by three patrol cars as we walked and prayed)
(The kids stayed in the school...with our new doberman, SAMSON)


I have been painting again..
and the BEACH CLUB show was a success...while HOT...

here are some more GALS paintings...
and one of the angel paintings....

Hope all of you are finding something creative to keep your mind working...
tonight Ann Kathryn (3) and I made a simple project..
we took a jar (originally from my olives...) and used hodge podge glue and a cute
left over napkin that had flowers and butterflies on it. I cut it in strips and let her paste them around the jar then covered it with gloss...

we put a zinnia in it from the garden...

it is easy to keep them entertained...especially when they love ART..
and who DOESN'T love art...the more personal..the better...

happy creating!


SOUTHERN LIVING- Photo shoot at the house

I have friends, this month, praying specifically for me...for abundant creativity...
and I believe in the power of prayer...
but this was QUITE FRUITFUL...

Out of the blue, I got a call from a stylist at Southern Living Magazine, requesting that they be able to see my house. They had a photo shoot they were working on...well, actually three.

So I said, I do with our church when they need a place for a 24/7 student to live...(FOR ALMOST A YEAR!) and then..that ended up being TWO boys!

And then a friend, who had sponsored a 16 year old ministry student at our church was moving out of their home while she would be there for three more weeks...
so as you can guess, she moved in and leaves us this weekend...
she has been a delight!

And so when they said, "we need a place to shoot a bathroom shot, a living room and a poolside shot..." of course I said, SURE!

And they came. It was fun to see the process...I had done this type thing years ago as an interior designer..staging shots...once for a rug company, once for a wallcovering was so exciting to watch and be a part of...
(I will be the model for a feature on "getting organized for the holidays" and am wrapping presents...That one comes out in November...

however, with is not in stone til it goes to print...and actually some of the shots they took were "RE SHOOTS" of one that didn't work out so great...

so when you see the orange'll know we made it in! Ha

My "miami re-do" mentioned in an earlier blog is featured in the background for a lipstick article.

After going to Miami and loving the bungalows that were poolside, I created my own here...curtains, matress..Nikki Beach music...

If you can't go to MIAMI...BRING MIAMI TO YOU...

Hope this finds you lounged in a comfortable spot soaking in what is left of summer..


Photos from "behind the scenes at the photo shoot"

ABC/33 Broadcast with Dave Baird

It has been a week of creativity!
This week, Dave Baird came to my home, and interviewed me about the book I wrote, Birmingham Sketchbook.
They took footage of me working on one of my recent painting series, one I started over fifteen years ago while I lived in Montgomery.

In fact, I had one of these ANGELS on my wall during a recent bible study here and a friend said, "I have one of those from Montgomery that I bought years ago!"

It was confirmation...
hopefully there will be LOTS more painted in the near future!

The interview follows.
Click on the link for the full video story.

Take Pride: Birmingham-Hoover Sketchbook posted 5:05 pm Wed July 30, 2008 - Birmingham, AL reporter: Dave Baird posted by: Jeff Wyatt tags: take pride • pride • sketchbook • birmingham hoover sketchbook

Take Pride: Birmingham-Hoover Sketchbook|ABC 33/40 News


Text of Story is below:

Stay on top of breaking news! Sign up for ABC 33/40 News e-mail alerts.
Your Email: "The Birmingham-Hoover Sketchbook" is an interesting idea. Local artists submitted over 300 original pieces of art, and over 50 works were selected to be featured in the coffee table book.

Each artist chose the subject for their pieces, and with their skill and their own unique styles, they created a vision of some of our area's most familiar and famous landmarks and landscapes.

The sketchbook can be found at most area bookstores.

Monday, June 9, 2008


I have been painting


I am headed to Scottsdale, Arizona for a week so we will see what that brings!

to benefit the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo.