Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Art Classes, Crestline~Mountain Brook


Instructor: Allison Puccetti Adams

Artist/Illustrator, Author: Birmingham Sketchbook Writer Southern Beauty Magazine, Member Mountain Brook Art Assoc., Member Jr. Women 100, Current Show at the Orange Beach Art Center through the middle of June

Each session consists of 6 hours- $70 w/ materials included with snack/drink, art supplies and 1 canvas($20 deposit due 1 week prior)

Before and After progress check will assure that your child moves to the next level in composition, color theory and FUN~ A sessions are for beginners- B sessions take that subject farther

Age limit based on maturity of student

Session 1A: JUNE 15-18 (MON-TH) 10-11:30 IN THE GARDEN- basic drawing, perspective, painting (foreground, middle, background)
Session 1B: JUNE 15-18 (MON-TH) 12:30-2:00 STILL LIFE DRAWING /PAINTING (further study in depth perception, color theory, composition)

Session 2A: June 22-25 (M-Th) 10-11:30 Perspective Drawing- houses, rooms and buildings (beginning)
Session 2B: June 22-25 (M-TH) 12:30-2:00 Perspective Drawing- Rendering Techniques, Landscape drawing (Mike Lin Graphic Style)

Session 3A: June 29-July 2 (M-TH) 10-11:30 Drawing People- In motion, Foreground-Background, Portrait basics
Session 3B: June 29-July 2 (M-TH) 12:30-2 Drawing and Painting faces and people- Self Portrait

July 6-17 (weekdays) Laura Canterbury will teach swimming lessons here- 2 sessions 10:30-11:30 and 11:30-12:20 ages 1-6 yrs. Cell 253-6448/871-1242 $225

Session 4A: July 13-16 (M-TH) 10-11:30 Still Life Drawing/Painting-light
Session 4B: July 13-16 (M-TH) 12:30-2 Drawing-Painting light and shadow

Session 5A: July 20-23 (M-TH) 10-11:30 Writing and Illustrating
Session 5B: July 20-23 (M-TH) 12:30-2 Writing and Illustrating

Session 6A: July 27-July 30 (M-TH) 10-11:30 Digital Photography-composition and drawing from photos
Session 6B: July 27-July 30 (M-TH) 12:30-2 Drawing Murals- large dwng.

Note: If you sign up for 2 sessions, take $10 off
2 or more students in a family receive 10%off

You are welcome to stay after your class for one hour and swim WITH YOUR CHILD
Certified babysitter can sit with them but you must sign a waiver

Their work will be displayed at Crestline Seafood Company through the summer and we will have an artist reception at the end of the summer for the students and their families with a FREE HappYmess Ice Cream CONE to celebrate. (Reception in August just before school starts back)

See Allison's work and info on her at www.allisonpuccettiadams.blogspot.com
and www.highlandartists.blogspot.com

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Painting Donated to High Hopes Benefit

Pirates Cove hosted a wooden boat show the weekend I was there.
To help raise awareness for the upcoming auction for High Hopes (school for special needs children) the painting I created during the demonstration was of Pirates cove with a wooden boat in the foreground.

Other photos from the Orange Beach Art Center

The setting is beautiful, on the bay and I did a painting demo under the big tree out back. I had friends who showed who were from college, from high school, from creative ventures on the coast, including my English teacher who always inspired me to do my best in writing and communication...it was such a great surprise that so many came out~

The center's dream is to build places for artists to visit and stay for weeklong or even month-long art camps. I am so excited to be a part of their new beginning.

Also posted were short stories I had written about various subjects and displayed are some fun articles I wrote for Southern Beauty Magazine.


The Orange Beach Art Center Show was a huge success...
and there is still time to go check it out, until the middle of June.
A percentage of purchases will go to the center and to High Hopes for Special Needs children who will be counseled and go to school at St. Benedicts where I was the art teacher when I lived on the coast.

It is an incredible place, right on the bay, next to the kids park.

Check it out and be sure to link to them so you can learn about art classes and a summer camp that will go on, maybe when you visit.