Thursday, August 20, 2009


The above photo is a sample of the continued learning that will be passed on to the students. Above: Birmingham artist Justine Rynearson shares tips from a recent workshop at Allison's home.


These are designed for children, but we will have some night classes for adults.

Each of the classes will meet on Monday, Tues. and Wed. each week
at my home studio from 3:30-5:00.

Junior High Students and Crestline Students can walk here if necessary.

First week, Sept 14,15,16 every class that week will deal with basic things..foreground/middle/background..some perspective

Pick one day that week or you can come all three that week and build on each day
(Wed. is not harder than Mon, but if you have had Mon, the different subject to be painted will provide more experience)

Week 2: Sept.21,22,23: Still Life same thing..M,T,W
Week 3 Sept. 28,29, 30: Perspective- interior and buildings
Week 4 Oct. 5,6,7 :Perspective and Rendering Techniques/Landscape drawing
Week 5 Oct. 12,13,14: Drawing People (12th is Columbus Day)
Week 6 Oct.19,20,21 : Self Portraits
Week 7 Oct. 26,27,28: Painting Light and Shadow
Week 8 Nov. 2,3,4: Writing and Illustrating (Allison is author of Birmingham Sketchbook)
Week 9 Nov. 16,17,18: Digital Photography (we will work on photo gift ideas for parent/grandparent)
students will need access to a digital camera

Prices until Sept. 14: $10 / class or 25 for three (works $50 for 6 as well) Reserve now by email or phone with questions to 914-2400.
You pick the dates you like.

RE: Supplies:
For the $10 I will provide the items to draw with (pencils, markers, paints). I will have paper and regular paint boards for them to use if they do not have their own canvas.
For Writing and Illustrating: We will have an optional "publish your own book" kit available.

Students may bring whatever they like to work on (canvas any size, a piece of wood, paint board)
if they want to paint on a large canvas, or a small one, they can bring whatever they like (can get at Michaels or Wal Mart). Kids are creative and can come up with fun things when they are allowed to "think outside the box" so don't worry about materials)

If you would like to have all materials provided, please note that when registering.
$8 fee for canvases. (note there is no extra charge for digital photography)

The students will have an art exhibit at the end of each month with ice cream at HappYmess Ice Cream (Crestline Seafood)
Thanks so much!

happYmess Artist

About the teacher:
As an interior Design major at the University of Alabama I had core art classes in their incredible art program, learned perspective drawing,and rendering techniques.
I have experience in wallcovering design, graphic design and publishing.

As a writer, I have self published two books (illustrated one) and written BIRMINGHAM SKETCHBOOK and written for Montgomery Living, Southern Beauty and other publications.
Check out some of our learning exercises at for painting experiences.

I taught grades K-6 at St. Benedict School on the Gulf Coast and recently had a show at the Orange Beach Art Center.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Independence Day

This morning
I zip into the Chevron,
grab a shot of caffeine,
Head on my way.
In front of me
A woman on a cell phone slows traffic.
I watch another walk her dog
On the long winding path beside me,
No cares, no concerns.

As I hit snooze,
Purrs of lawnmowers and
shrills of children on bikes
Dashed in through my window.
I turned over,
Went back to sleep
Because I could.

A friend sleeps on rock,
In tents,
As much as he can,
Before jumping into action
on streets where
Women scurry with children,
Men eat quickly in fear,
Pausing only to listen for any
Sign of threat.

This Independence Day,
I pray that the joy I have
With family and friends
Is scattered across the globe,
In the minds and hearts of children,
Who also play, but
Under shelter of cover,
Not openly in the streets

This Independence Day
I pray for PEACE.
I extend gratitude
To those
Who give me and my children
the choice
To simply BE.
Allison Puccetti Adams 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Painting at the Orange Beach Art Center

Here is the most recent painting...

If you are on the coast, please visit the Orange Beach Art Center.
My exhibit there ends the 10th of June so hope you will go by.
Print this out and receive 15% off of any purchase there...only for blog followers.
(Deepest discount there is 10%) the final week of the show.

They will begin an exhibit by area art students that should be great inspiration.
They also have a great art camp for kids so be sure to check it out!




As business owners in the Mountain Brook community, we would like to invite fellow artists to be a part of an ARTWALK event in Crestline
at CRESTLINE SEAFOOD in the ..what I am calling the "HAPPYMESS Gallery" or the "walls of the store". (It is also home to HAPPYMESS Ice Cream..where Klumpie's once resided)

We are inviting artists to submit by email a photo of one painting that you would like to have displayed at the ARTWALK Event and placed on consignment for the month following the event. (depending on response, we may be able to do a grouping of small similar works also). (you may also simple display during the artwalk)

Even if you are not interested in displaying, we invite you to support your fellow artists and come out for ARTWALK
on the Third THURSDAY of June~ July and August.

We will advertise this event through the chamber and try to encourage other businesses to join in future events in an effort to help artists as well as area businesses create MOUNTAIN BROOK BUZZ.

If you want to participate, please email me with ARTWALK SUBMISSION in the Subject Line. Our first event will be on June 18.
We would like to have the Theme for June focus on FATHERS AND FREEDOM (as the work will be up until just before the July show and during fathers day and Fourth of July)

Anything that makes you think of summer


You may submit now for all three if you have appropriate work or you may submit two weeks prior to each show date.

Our main hurdle is SPACE so that is why we must limit the number of submissions.

Please have your work insured, as we cannot be responsible for theft or damage, although we assume the risk is low as we will be sure to
take great care to see that your work is taken care of.

Blessings my fellow artists! Hang in there! It's been a funky summer, but everyone needs something beautiful to get them up in the down times.

We are asking only 20% of sales. Write me back if you have any questions.

ARTWORK WILL BE DISPLAYED AT OUR LOCATION AS WELL AS LAURA KATHRYN NEXT DOOR. We will do a customer blitz and also announce through the chamber of commerce.

Hope you are having a CREATIVE summer~

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Art Classes, Crestline~Mountain Brook


Instructor: Allison Puccetti Adams

Artist/Illustrator, Author: Birmingham Sketchbook Writer Southern Beauty Magazine, Member Mountain Brook Art Assoc., Member Jr. Women 100, Current Show at the Orange Beach Art Center through the middle of June

Each session consists of 6 hours- $70 w/ materials included with snack/drink, art supplies and 1 canvas($20 deposit due 1 week prior)

Before and After progress check will assure that your child moves to the next level in composition, color theory and FUN~ A sessions are for beginners- B sessions take that subject farther

Age limit based on maturity of student

Session 1A: JUNE 15-18 (MON-TH) 10-11:30 IN THE GARDEN- basic drawing, perspective, painting (foreground, middle, background)
Session 1B: JUNE 15-18 (MON-TH) 12:30-2:00 STILL LIFE DRAWING /PAINTING (further study in depth perception, color theory, composition)

Session 2A: June 22-25 (M-Th) 10-11:30 Perspective Drawing- houses, rooms and buildings (beginning)
Session 2B: June 22-25 (M-TH) 12:30-2:00 Perspective Drawing- Rendering Techniques, Landscape drawing (Mike Lin Graphic Style)

Session 3A: June 29-July 2 (M-TH) 10-11:30 Drawing People- In motion, Foreground-Background, Portrait basics
Session 3B: June 29-July 2 (M-TH) 12:30-2 Drawing and Painting faces and people- Self Portrait

July 6-17 (weekdays) Laura Canterbury will teach swimming lessons here- 2 sessions 10:30-11:30 and 11:30-12:20 ages 1-6 yrs. Cell 253-6448/871-1242 $225

Session 4A: July 13-16 (M-TH) 10-11:30 Still Life Drawing/Painting-light
Session 4B: July 13-16 (M-TH) 12:30-2 Drawing-Painting light and shadow

Session 5A: July 20-23 (M-TH) 10-11:30 Writing and Illustrating
Session 5B: July 20-23 (M-TH) 12:30-2 Writing and Illustrating

Session 6A: July 27-July 30 (M-TH) 10-11:30 Digital Photography-composition and drawing from photos
Session 6B: July 27-July 30 (M-TH) 12:30-2 Drawing Murals- large dwng.

Note: If you sign up for 2 sessions, take $10 off
2 or more students in a family receive 10%off

You are welcome to stay after your class for one hour and swim WITH YOUR CHILD
Certified babysitter can sit with them but you must sign a waiver

Their work will be displayed at Crestline Seafood Company through the summer and we will have an artist reception at the end of the summer for the students and their families with a FREE HappYmess Ice Cream CONE to celebrate. (Reception in August just before school starts back)

See Allison's work and info on her at

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Painting Donated to High Hopes Benefit

Pirates Cove hosted a wooden boat show the weekend I was there.
To help raise awareness for the upcoming auction for High Hopes (school for special needs children) the painting I created during the demonstration was of Pirates cove with a wooden boat in the foreground.

Other photos from the Orange Beach Art Center

The setting is beautiful, on the bay and I did a painting demo under the big tree out back. I had friends who showed who were from college, from high school, from creative ventures on the coast, including my English teacher who always inspired me to do my best in writing and was such a great surprise that so many came out~

The center's dream is to build places for artists to visit and stay for weeklong or even month-long art camps. I am so excited to be a part of their new beginning.

Also posted were short stories I had written about various subjects and displayed are some fun articles I wrote for Southern Beauty Magazine.


The Orange Beach Art Center Show was a huge success...
and there is still time to go check it out, until the middle of June.
A percentage of purchases will go to the center and to High Hopes for Special Needs children who will be counseled and go to school at St. Benedicts where I was the art teacher when I lived on the coast.

It is an incredible place, right on the bay, next to the kids park.

Check it out and be sure to link to them so you can learn about art classes and a summer camp that will go on, maybe when you visit.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The paint is dry...and it is time to count down to the OBAC Show this weekend.

I hope you will drop in if you are at the beach between now and the middle of June.

The paintings above will be displayed at the show.



This is my most comprehensive collection of work..with themes and stories...
hope you enjoy~

Friday, April 24, 2009

Donation to Raise Awareness of Autism

"There is a commonly held belief that art making is beneficial to people (particularly children) with Autism due to their intense sensory needs (especially visual and tactile self-stimulation) and disregulation, often nonverbal nature, and need for more visual, concrete, hands-on therapies.” (

Friends of the Arts, Inc. and Orange Beach Art Center's Visiting Artist, Allison Puccetti Adams, will be asking for donations to assist High Hopes treatment facility for autistic children during her Artist Reception (Friday Mar1 5:30-7:30) and Palette Knife Demonstration (Saturday May 2 10:30 am). The Artist Reception and Demonstration will be at the Orange Beach Art Center next to the Waterfront Park on Canal Road. There will be complimentary refreshments at each event.

Allison Puccetti Adams' exhibit is the fourth in the 2009 Visiting Artist Series sponsored by the Friends of the Arts, Inc. This Birmingham artist is no stranger to the Gulf Coast. Originally from Livingston, Allison made her mark from Baldwin County to Montgomery to Birmingham being very involved in each community. Her seemingly boundless energy translates in her paintings as the movement and vitality of a moment in time, even evident in still lifes that appear to calm themselves for only an instant. It is not a stretch to think of her objects as living beings much in the way that Tom Robbins fills life and personality into a sock or a tin can. One of the beauties of her work is the life affirming, uplifting joy inherent in each painting.

The Friends and the OBAC hope to continue and expand such non-profit collaborations. On May 23 the Friends of the Arts, Inc/OBAC and BARC will have a pet adoption, poster contest and crawfish boil on the grounds of the Art Center. "Highlighting the Arts and assisting other non-profit organizations is a wonderful way to raise awareness of our programs at the Art Center and to connect with members of the community who have yet to discover their Art Center. The Orange Beach Art Center's mission is to provide inspiration, education and enjoyment of the arts to the residents and visitors to Alabama's Gulf Coast" Wanda Price, Coordinator.

For more information contact OBAC at 251-981-ARTS or Allilson's blogspot is .

To learn more about High Hopes visit their website Illuminating Autism FunRaiser is June 5-7 at Pirates Cove.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I have been learning so much with my Wednesday art group

and went to the beach for the week of spring break and painted each day...

So many times we forget that we can dream about painting, think about ideas for painting (or writing for that matter) and simply FORGET TO DO IT.

So as I pushed myself to happened....

hope you enjoy some of my newest work.

I will be at the Mountain Brook Art Association Show
March 18-19 in Crestline at the Elementary School

and will have a one person show at the Orange Beach Art Association
in Orange Beach with a reception on Friday, May 1 (my birthday weekend)
so hope to see you there. It will be up until the second week of June~
It is a study of light and movement, which you will see that I am
developing in my work.

This link will get you information on all things going on in Orange Beach
throughout the year

Blessings and happy PAINTING~


You may also find my work at Grass Roots on 280 (tell Penny I sent you);
and at Wildflower Wax in Homewood..where you can also find some KICKIN VINTAGE cowboy boots! and at Willis Gray Gallery

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009


Visit The Birmingham Zoo Website

You may have heard Mayor Larry Langford’s announcement in the news this week to increase funding support for the Birmingham Zoo. This support will assist with our Trails of Africa exhibit and provide ongoing financial support to the Zoo. Trails of Africa is a $15 million project that will make the Birmingham Zoo a national leader in the care and conservation of threatened elephants and other African animals.

The Birmingham Zoo needs this additional support. This is our window of opportunity for growth, expansion and modernization. To get this project underway, we must have the support of the Birmingham City Council and to get their support we’re calling on you! We sincerely appreciate your dedicated support over the years and we need your help now more than ever!

1. Email or call Birmingham City Council representatives and let them know how much the Zoo means to you and the community by telling them to vote YES! to increase funding for the next generation's Zoo.
Carole C. Smitherman -
City Council President
Phone: 205.254.2359
Representing District 6

Miriam D. Witherspoon -
City Council President Pro Tem
Phone: 205.254.2418
Representing District 7

Joel Montgomery -
Phone: 205.254.2349
Representing District 1

Carol Duncan -
Phone: 205.254.2348
Representing District 2

Valerie A. Abbott -
Phone: 205.254.2355
Representing District 3

Maxine Herring Parker -
Phone: 205.254.2464
Representing District 4

Johnathan Austin -
Phone: 205.254.2678
Representing District 5

Steven W. Hoyt -
Phone: 205.254.2304
Representing District 8

Roderick V. Royal -
Phone: 205.254.2302
Representing District 9

2. Show your support by bringing youself, your entire family and your friends to the upcoming City Council meeting, Tuesday, February 24th. The meeting begins at 9:30 am at City Hall. Wear your brightest red or blue shirt to let everyone know you're there to support the Zoo! These meetings are televised and open to the public.

Birmingham City Hall
710 20th Street North
Birmingham, Alabama 35203-2216

3. Call, fax, email or send a letter to the Mayor's Office:

Birmingham City Hall
710 20th Street North
Birmingham, Alabama 35203-2216
Phone: 205-254-2277 FAX: 205-254-2926

The Birmingham Zoo is the #1 tourist attraction in Alabama and with the addition of Trails of Africa, our community will be recognized as the home of a world class zoo. The addition of this innovative exhibit will bring national and international attention to Birmingham, attracting tourists from all over the world and stimulating the economy for the entire state. Trails of Africa will be a rich source of education, scientific study, conservation and recreation for families and the entire community.

To learn more, visit the Birmingham Zoo’s website at or the Birmingham City Council's website at

Thank you for all you do!

The Birmingham Zoo needs this additional support. This is our window of opportunity for growth, expansion and modernization.

Tell Birmingham City Council representatives to vote YES! on February 24th!

The future of the Zoo depends on you!

Show your support on Tuesday, February 24th at 9:30am at Birmingham City Hall. Bring yourself, your entire family and your friends to this very important meeting. Of course, don't forget to bring your little ones who love the Zoo! Wear your brightest red or blue shirt to let everyone know you're there to support the Zoo! This meeting is open to the public.
Birmingham City Hall
710 20th Street North
Birmingham, Alabama 35203-2216

Mission: Inspiring Passion for the Natural World...
The Birmingham Zoo is an independent, not for profit, 501 (c) (3) organization.
Birmingham Zoo, Inc. | 2630 Cahaba Road | Birmingham, AL 35223
Phone: 205-879-0409 | Fax: 205-879-9426

Forward email

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Birmingham Zoo Inc | One Wild Place | Birmingham | AL | 35223



I have to admit it..

I am a recovering FACEADDICT....

I am LOVING my facebook page...
my children are hating that I am on..
my son told me last night it was for "teenagers mom"...
not old people..

and so then I wonder how the kids can claim the market when I am finding
all of my OLD friends online...

chatting in real time..
keeping up with growning babies...and birthdays...
and announcements...

I have always been a social person...
when I lived in Mont-GUM REE....
(and Mont is said like the PEN...)

I actually had a person who is from OWLD MUNT-GUMREY
ask me "how do you know so many different people?
One day you are with the "artsy people" another in the Junior League.."

I said, I don't know..I just love to get to know people...
In Montgomery we had a play group for the babies (they sat in bucket seats..we played)
Bunko, a smocking group (poor Brent..he was my first..a boy and I smocked him day gowns til he was WAY too old to wear them :) ), an art group..(we had painting space in a downtown loft WAY before I was "qualified to have one" ha)

Even in high school I never comformed to "A group"

And my current art group..THEY HAVE figured me OUT!

I was always late to our CREATIVE CALL group when it was in Vestavia...sometimes I'd get there..
sometimes not..

and every Wednesday..I am there! Ha

We do what we can...

Click on the title above and visit my "arty friends" at our booksigning this past weekend..thanks so much to those who came!

I am about to embark on a new phenomenon..

We open Crestline Seafood this THURSDAY!
Can't wait to see you there!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Orange Beach ART CENTER

Here are upcoming events at the Orange Beach Art Center.

I will be having a show in May there.

Also coming up:

Friday Feb. 20, 2009- Booksigning at FOUR SEASONS in Homewood 5-7

Mountain Brook ART Association SPRING SHOW- April 18-19
I will have new work to show. Lots of smaller works. Great for sea and sand..crabs, kids, and lake subjects.

Orange Beach ART CENTER- Show of works on the study of Light and Movement
April 30-June 12

Hope to see you SOON!

Also, check in with Wildflower Wax for some fun smaller paintings of horses, chickens and other crazy barnyard specialties I have been scrapin on with my palete knife lately!


Orange Beach Art Center

Friday, February 13, 2009

Crestline Seafood Company

I am working on the website..
Let me know what you think!



Friday, February 6, 2009

SUSHI Chefs!

Yesterday Chad and I were trained in SUSHI rolling...


We are opening our new FRESH SEAFOOD MARKET in Crestline
on tentatively (depending on inspections...) FEBRUARY 20.

The new awning should arrive the first of next week!
We can't wait to see everyone there!

63 Church Street

We will offer FRESH market seafood for you to take home and prepare at home (we will have a RECIPE wall so you can grab a good one with your fish (recipes free of course)) and will have many gourmet items to use to make your seafood dining experience at home a TASTY one. Grab a bottle of wine or some import beer and you are off to a great dinner!

Send me your favorite recipes or a good seafood secret and we'll quote you on the board!

At lunchtime, if you are in the mood for seafood...stop in for gumbo or the soup of the day served in bread bowls, a bit of sushi (if I'm in..look for creative twists in the menu :) I'm an artist COOK! or grab a veggie roll.

We will bake fresh bread daily and be making our own waffle cones.

Don't forget fresh tuna dip (and other dips) in the fridge...

And you can ALWAYS zip through the alley (call ahead) and we'll bring steamed shrimp...with many season options (curry, barbque, smoked, or cajun blend to name a few) We will have gourmet tartars and sauces for your seafood too!

After 3 PM, send the kids in, for free popcorn in the old fashioned popcorn cart and ice cream (soft serve happYmess flavors)

Flavors: cherry, chocolate, peanut butter (not from Georgia:), Strawberry, Cheesecake, Mint, Mocha Cappucino, Blue GOO, bubble gum and cotton candy
(put in your suggestions to GIVE THEM THEIR HAPPYMESS NAME!)

You create your happYmess ice cream blend from up to 8 flavors in colorful rainbow swirls and top with your favorite topping..from pop rocks, oreos, or gummy worms to the old faithful vanilla cream with sprinkles. Grab a coke from the old coke fridge like we used to see in our Livingston grocery stores!

We hope you will appreciate the "community store" atmosphere we are trying to offer and hope you will just come hang out!

Watch for our monthly newsletter starting in March (available to pick up in the store) for fun HOLIDAY
we are always celebrating! or check the blackboard out front! These are REAL holidays!

Opening weekend: National Clam Chowder day,
Feb. 23: National Personal Chef day..a great day to branch out and cook for your sweetie
Feb. 24 Mardi Gras...come in for a purple green and yellow swirl!International Pancake day
Feb. 25: Ash Wednesday and National "Inconvenience Yourself" Day
26: National Levi Strauss Day, For Pete's Sake Day (name Pete? come in for a free cone!)
27: Rabi'l
28: Floral Design Day (work at a florist? come in for a free cone)
It is also NATIONAL TOOTH FAIRY DAY...lost a tooth this week? bring some proof (or lack of..) and get a free cone!

And remember, EVERY Birthday person gets a free cone on your special DAY!


Allison Adams Images

Monday, January 26, 2009

Upcoming Book Signing

Here is the scoop
and you can go to
to get more information about the artists!

Homewood's Four Seasons Antiques, Art and Botanicals hosts a book signing and art opening for the new book release: Birmingham Sketchbook.

On Friday, February 20, from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m., you will have an opportunity to collect a copy of the beautiful collection of artwork by area artists that captures the history of the city of Birmingham.

Author Allison Puccetti Adams and artists Warren Mullins, She She (Vaughn), Justin Banger, and Kevin Jones, Linda Vance, Craig Gallaway, and Beverly Klamer will be at Four Season's Antiques, Art and Botanicals so you can have multiple signatures for your one of a kind copy of Birmingham Sketchbook.

Artwork by each of the artists will also be available for sale.

This book not only has beautifully rendered images of a city's past, but the story also weaves a narrative that encourages the reader to think about their own unique fingerprint that might create the future of this bright city.

Be thinking about this as a great gift for a birthday, wedding, Mother's Day or Father's Day -- or just an inspiring treat for yourself.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday at Four Seasons Antiques, Art and Botanicals on the main street in Homewood (2910 18th Street South)

Call 803-4059 for more information.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Artist Clark Walker featured in book at Capitol Book

I have proclaimed that this is the year of writing for Allison.
Although when I paint, my mind flows and I write...
and when I write...I get inspired to paint....
so only time will tell.

But I wanted to share some information on a colorful artist who lives in Montgomery. His name is Clark Walker and two of his paintings take center stage in our home in Birmingham.
And in doing so, I also introduce a writer from Montgomery who has captured his quirks on paper. He is a true artist in the "artsy" sense of the icon in character....and finally he has gotten his fair shake.

This is taken from
The Capitol Book Newsletter (located in Old Cloverdale in Montgomery where I once lived for eight years)
Friday, January 16, 2009

Today's Contents:

I Just Make People Up
If you live in Montgomery, chances are that you have a Clark Walker painting in your house (we do), and we can't think of a better companion for those paintings than Foster Dickson's brand new book about Clark, I Just Make People Up: Ramblings With Clark Walker.

It's a series of interviews that Foster did with Clark over several years, and it's chock full of beautiful full color reproductions of many of Clark's paintings. It's a smallish coffee table book, hardcover, 128 pages , $45. Beautiful, and a no-brainer must-have for all of Clark's admirers.

You can read more about the author by clicking here
Foster Dickson Bio

May this inspire all who love the written word as well as the "pretty pictures" and you won't have to dig long to find a great story...Clark Walker's life is full of them.


Spartan Jam

Spartan Jam for Special Needs Fund Raiser

My son, Brent, who is 15, is helping my community by raising donations for Mountain Brook Special Education Students.

He and a group of local students who "love to rock" will be performing a benefit concert called SPARTAN JAM FOR SPECIAL NEEDS at Mountain Brook Junior High School on Friday May 8th.

Your donation will be presented during the concert.

The money raised for Spartan Jam will be placed in a special fund used to purchase additional services and equipment needed to improve the level of education for our children receiving special education services in elementary thru the high school. Each school in the system has a wish list created and designed to address each child’s personal needs in furthering his or her educational experience.

Please join me. Please help me make this a reality. Let’s give back to the children who need it the most! MAKE YOUR CHECK OUT TO MOUNTAIN BROOK SCHOOLS. Please indicate on your donation check “Spartan Jam for Special Needs”. If you would like to make a corporate donation please call Jeff Shapiro 936-6481or Karen Lusk-Smith C.F.O. at the board of education at 871-4608.

Click on the three icons at the bottom of Youtube to hear him performing some of his original songs.

There will be a group of kids playing as well. This was set up by Jeff Shapiro and we look forward to an awesome performance!

I am working on setting up a blog for them and will have a link hopefully by tomorrow!



Thursday, January 15, 2009


Here is my first entry for the MYTINYKINGDOM.COM challenge...
Read the last blog for information...

The challenge was to write about the following on FLASHBACK FRIDAY at the website

Here are the upcoming themes: (interpret as broadly as you wish)

January 16: Feeling Red, White & Blue

January 23: This Makes Me Giggle

January 30: Free For All

February 6: Remember It’s Inner Beauty That Counts

February 13: Love, Look at The 2 Of Us

February 20: Free For All

February 27: What I Was Doing X Years Ago, Where “X” = Any Positive Integer

The idea was to re-visit a time in my history...

That theme brought to mind a poem I submitted to the newspaper in Livingston and I thought I was younger, but it was in July of 1988...the year I graduated from college.
It speaks for a continuing cycle of conflict in our world, as we are embarking on similar situations again, some twenty years later.....


Red, White and Blue, Flags, Fireworks.

A Celebration across America.

These are the thoughts that enter my mind
as I pass through the numerous rural towns
on the way to my home.

Threats of war are evident,
but at a time when Americans
could not be bonded any closer.

From sea to sea, American's celebrate
a love for a country who is strong,
and most of all, loyal to its land.

Not the corruption of our politicians,
the money shortages of our farmers,
nor the oil problems of Texas are
on our minds today.

There is only a feeling of unity and pride-
For a place like no other.

Where the individual is free to choose-
to be what he feels is his own destiny.

A man can choose to be anyone he wishes to be,
but to choose to be an enemy of the U.S.
is to choose to be guest speaker at an opposing rally.

Moral is high in America, so let the leaders of Iran,
Make their choices wisely.

AP July 4, 1988

Commentary: 1/12/09
Tongue in Cheek...I laugh at myself...the seriousness...
the confidence I had in the unity of our land...
my father was a farmer for a short while- plowed fields in rows of limestone
that eventually became the nation's largest toxic waste dump, Texas experienced
times similar to what we are facing now, and Iran...they still haven't changed.

I have more realistic ideas about what our country can and can't do...
and not as much optimism, but still I am grateful that I was born into a land that gives me the right to form any of those opinions, to write about them and to do something to make a change.



My Tiny Kingdom

I haven't been painting as much since the holidays, but I have been WRITING...
I ran across the website at
My Tiny Kingdom. COM....
and the following challenge caught my attention.
If you are looking for ways to re-kindle the flame with your creativity,
you might just JUMP RIGHT IN and submit some stories.

The following in italics is straight from MYTINYKINGDOM.COM

Go there to see the "in color" version or read on and get inspired to get out the old may not have to come up with something new...just include something you wrote before and re-visit it.


January 13, 2009
Flashback Friday Starts This Week!
A while ago I was looking back at old posts, and I realized I have lots of hilarious old stories and photos back in the archives. I even have unblogged tales (horrors!) that I haven’t thought about in years. The specific post I was reading was Remembrance of Things Past, which marks the only time I’ve set our life to poetry with accompanying photographs.

Of course, when the twins were covered in blue yogurt I didn’t have the time or the technical know how to blog our adventures, which is how I hatched the idea of hosting Flashback Friday– a chance for you to look back through your pictures or old posts and post one on your blog with a short sentence or two explaining what was going on way back when. Hey, if you want to tell a whole story, go for it. You can flash back a week or a century, to the time before blogs existed - it’s up to you.

Here’s how it works– I’ll set a theme for each week, and on Thursday night I’ll post my Flashback Friday post. There will be a Mr. Linky so you can add your name and the URL of the post containing your photo and/or story, and we’ll end up with a list of Flashback Friday participants right here at My Tiny Kingdom.

Here are some things to remember:

A. Feel free to join in! No need to ask permission. Read up on blogging carnivals here if you want.

B. Put your name and a SHORT description of your photo or story in the “Name” box, and the URL of your Flashback Friday post, not the main page of your blog, in the “URL” box. Example:

Anne Glamore (Wild & Crazy Times)

C. Please mention “Flashback Friday” in your post and link back to My Tiny Kingdom in your post.

D. If there are technical things you do not know how to do, please use Google or the help forums with your blogging platform to figure them out before you email me. (Example: Google “How do I upload an image in a Wordpress blog?” or “How do I link to another site?”) I am a terrible technological teacher, as I figured out these things on my own and am probably not doing half of them correctly. I’m a step ahead of John McCain, computer-wise, but that ain’t saying much. Melanie at Blogging Basics has good information. For example, “What is a permalink” is here.

I suppose if a jillion of you email me with the same question I’ll start some FAQ’s.

E. No pornographic pictures, please. I reserve the right to delete links to obscene photos, and I will use Justice Stewart’s “I know it when I see it” test. Jacobellis v. Ohio, 378 U.S. 184 (1964). (I rarely get to cite cases on my blog.)

Here are the upcoming themes: (interpret as broadly as you wish)

January 16: Feeling Red, White & Blue

January 23: This Makes Me Giggle

January 30: Free For All

February 6: Remember It’s Inner Beauty That Counts

February 13: Love, Look at The 2 Of Us

February 20: Free For All

February 27: What I Was Doing X Years Ago, Where “X” = Any Positive Integer

If you have ideas for upcoming themes, email me or leave them in the comments. If you can think of a group of bloggers who’d be way into this (scrapbookers? genealogists?) let them know about the project, too. Tweet, promote on your blog, etc. I hope this is fun for everyone!

Can’t wait to see how you interpret “Feeling Red White & Blue!”


FOUR years ago in My Tiny Kingdom: Fish. Talk about a flashback - this is maybe the 4th post I ever wrote!


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Monday, January 12, 2009


A new year....
a new week...
It is Monday, January 12, 2009....

And we know that in all things God works for your good...
because you LOVE Him, and have been called according to His purpose.
Romans 8:28
All week I have had time to ponder my purpose....
I am a goal setter...a planner...
so yielding to God's purpose is sometimes hard for me...

So I had to get away and get a clear head :)

We just returned from a trip to Breckenridge with my 15 year old son for his first shot at skiing....and by day two he was on the BLACKS.
(We were ALL three on the blacks I might add...but certainly NOT on purpose...)
He whipped to the bottom..Chad and I to the side..through the trees to the safety of a blue slope.

My girls would be I have come a long way since I first began this CRAZY sport...all of these people tossing themselves down massive mountains at the speed of brakes...on slick flat sticks that are barely attached to your boot.

It snowed over 6 inches while we were there...and God was surely there on that mountain....we also skied in Vail...which was the ultimate endurance test for a person who does little cardio...something I vow to change this year!

I huffed and puffed hopefully for the last time! :)

And in 2009, I am, like everyone else in the world, vowing to be lean and mean in the new year...lifting weights, eating healthy...

well that part..eating well... will come easy, as we are embarking on yet another new career...
Seafood Market owners!

I had an amazing unfortunate situation where someone THOUGHT they were making an influence AGAINST me and lo and behold...they just closed a door that opened a bigger one...

We will be opening in February. And along side will be HappYmess Ice create your happy MESS...with toppings!

Complete with a full line of shirts and books...HappYmess ice cream and tea parties...

More about that later....

I am distracted as my daughter is changing my ring tone to say "mom, pick up the phone..HELLO!" Technology....mmmmmmmmmm

As you make your goals for the new year...vow to do more than making resolutions..
Make Revelations....

Change is good....and maybe some unfortuntate situation has you baffled...
do NOT dispair...because somewhere in those photos above...
there is a silver lining...
a new direction...

and now you have the drive and the gusto to GO for it...
what have you got to lose?

and luckily I have a husband and children who also adapt to change well.
But we have to stay on course....

This week we are focusing on God's will for our hopes that He will use US each for the purpose he has made us.
We ALL have one...and I believe or two or three :)

Blessings to you...and here's hoping you will find a quiet spot, a tall mountain...
a full moon (available to all of us AS I TYPE...WOW), a stream or lake... where you can find the direction intended for you this year....
and also wishing for you a peace that lets you know exactly when you are on track.

Happy 2009!