Tuesday, November 20, 2012


20 Days of BLOGGING 

Gone are the days of the old rolls of film where you shoot and shoot and hope something comes out that you can keep. I wish I could go back and re-live some trips with my digital camera. 

The memories are great, but now that I actually know how to select the ones that work, tweak them if they don't quite get there and DELETE if they stink, I would have loved to have those memories IN LIVING COLOR!

I recently took some photos of babies~ They make such great subjects!

Photography, another great source for all things CREATIVE~

(and on subject with my blog daily on creativity as well as today's about "what you are doing")

I am available to take photos on location where they are most comfortable~  
$50 fee to come to your house which includes access to one free photo for you to use.

A great way to capture that Christmas card photo or holiday gift idea~  

I also photograph your pet and create watercolor/ acrylic pet portraits.  

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